About us

About pines-studio

Pines-studio is a development and digital marketing studio based in Cairo, Egypt, We develop, design and manage integrated technology solutions that reshape the digital productivity of customers in private and public sectors. Our service range includes web, mobile and digital marketing strategies.

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Our Characteristic

Agile, scrum or waterfall ?!!  Our team and managers doesn’t use the futile management rules that most of global agencies used to use without knowing when, why and how to use it!! we have our style slogan (No Bullshits!). Pines Studio draw the line between dropping the unnecessary rules and causing a chaos. So your project will not dive in unnecessary process to go live.

Pricing Policy

Pines-studio provides the highest and the best quality in the market and within the start up budget. So you don’t have to pay too much any more to get the quality of the big and global agencies.

We Are ..

Game Changer

Egypt and Middle East – generally– full of companies and agencies which talk the same words and play the same game the same way, doesn’t matter is it a startup or a global agencies.

We are different, we know your worries, your needs .. we have got you covered. “pines-studio” is it a piece of art or another rubbish?!